WINTER 2021 / TBM / 13 AVIATION AND ATTACKS ON GPS I n June 2012, Todd Humphreys, a professor at The @niversity of Texas at Austin (@T), conducted a test at White >ands Missile Range in New Mexico with some of his engineering students. During this test, Department of Homeland >ecurity (DH>), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and @.>. Air Force (@>AF) personnel watched as the @T team spoofed the 2lobal Positioning >ystem (2P>) signals being sent to a Hornet drone. While hovering at 40 ft. (12 m) in the air, the bogus signals told the drone that it was climbing& in response, the drone started to move towards the ground. The test was concluded just as the drone was prepared to plummet to the ground. By Gary C. Kessler continue on page 14 > > >